• GH1062RF
  • GH1062RF
  • GH1062RF
  • GH1062RF
  • GH1062RF
  • GH1062RF
EAN: 8713508746111

Dual energy heating: gas and electricity
This powerful infrared heater provides heat from 1400 W tot 4200 W in gas. It is possible to activate the extra electrical heater with a capacity of 2000 W. So in total this heater gives you 6200 W of comfortable heat.

Easy piezo ignition, instant heat which diffuses quickly in the room thanks to a fan, for volumes up to 205 m³.
Equipped with the ODS safety system, the device stops automatically in case of lack of oxygen or if the CO level is too high in the room.

The GH 1062 RF moves easily thanks to its wheels: it will find its place everywhere in the house.

Product sheet


Specifications GH1062RF

EAN 8713508746111
Heating capacity max (W) 4200
Heating capacity min (W) 1400
Suitable heating capacity max (m²) 32 + 25
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 205
Suitable heating capacity min (m²) 27
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 68
Tank capacity (kg) 11
Gas consumption (kg/h) 0.300
Gas consumption min. (kg/h) 0.139
Years of Guarantee 2
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