DFA2900 Premium

  • DFA2900 Premium
  • DFA2900 Premium
EAN: 8713508776101

The Qlima DFA 2900 is the ideal forced air heater as main or additional heating source. These heaters are often used for heating garage, shed or warehouse during cold days.

This heat source can be used on petroleum or diesel. With a power of 29 kW, the DFA 2900 heats rooms up to 455 m³.

The Qlima DFA 2900 has a sturdy handle, a corrosion-resistant tank, thermostat function and fuel gauge.

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Specifications DFA2900 Premium

EAN 8713508776101
Heat output (kW) 29
Suitable heating area (m³) 455
Fuel container (l) 38
Burning time tank (hr) 12.6
Consumption (g/h) 3L/hour / 0.79 Gallon / hour
Air displacement (m³/hr) 510
Electric power consumption operation (W) 190
Noise level (dB(A)) 66
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