• EFH2520
  • EFH2520
  • EFH2520
  • EFH2520
  • EFH2520
  • EFH2520
  • EFH2520
EAN: 8713508762708

The Qlima electric fan heater EFH 2520 is beautifully designed. Ideal for a short-term heating at an affordable price. With 2 heating settings (1000 W - 2000 W) and a swing function you can effortlessly heat rooms up to 80 m³. Ideal for heating an office or working space.

The use of the Qlima EFH 2520 is child's play. Just plug in the power socket and the EFH 2520 instantly spreads a pleasant warmth. It has an overheat protection. This makes heating with a Qlima electrical heater very safe and reliable.

Product sheet

ps_EFH 2520_es V1.pdf

Specifications EFH2520

EAN 8713508762708
Heating capacity min (W) 1000
Heating capacity max (W) 2000
Number of capacity steps 2
Suitable heating capacity max (m²) 32
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 80
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