ECH3020Turbo white

  • ECH3020Turbo white
  • ECH3020Turbo white
  • ECH3020Turbo white
  • ECH3020Turbo white
EAN: 8713508754123

The electrical heater Qlima ECH 3020 turbo white is a convector with three power positions (750 W / 1250 W / 2000 W). Thanks to the turbofan, the heater quickly heats the room (max 80 m³) to the requested temperature.

The heater switches off automatically if its temperature rises too high. This heater is lightweight, meaning it can be easily moved from room to room.

Product sheet

ps_ECH 3020_es V1.pdf

Specifications ECH3020Turbo white

EAN 8713508754123
Heating capacity min (W) 750
Heating capacity max (W) 2000
Number of capacity steps 3
Suitable heating capacity min (m²) 27
Suitable heating capacity max (m²) 32
Suitable heating capacity min (m³) 68
Suitable heating capacity max (m³) 80
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