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  • FFB4242
EAN: 8713508775869

Free-standing cubist bio-ethanol fire pit table

The cubist design of this FFB 4242 bio-ethanol-fuelled Qlima fire pit table makes it a striking attraction. The clean lines in combination with the black metal make it a real eye-catcher on your terrace or patio. You can place the decorative fire pit unit on your garden table or at any other place where everyone can enjoy the heat and the cosy flames.

You can light and top up this fire pit table simply and safely.

This free-standing cubist fire pit table will become the focal point for your company!

Product sheet

Qlima_FFB 4242_Français.pdf

Specifications FFB4242

EAN 8713508775869
Burner material Stainless steel
Burner volume (ml) 500
Burning time (minutes) 135
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