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  • WDH229
EAN: 8713508786094

The Qlima monoblock consists of one hermetically sealed unit, filled with the natural gas R290. This monoblock does not require installation by a recognized installer. The monoblock unit should be attached to an outside wall in which two holes are drilled for the air intake and outlet.

Thanks to the two completely separate air flows, the cooling air is drawn in from outside and expelled again from the outside, while the air in the closed-off room circulates through the air-conditioning system and is continuously heated or cooled.

A monoblock thus combines the advantages of the mobile air conditioner (hermetically sealed, natural gas and no professional installation) and split unit (efficient cooling/heating, less noise).

Product sheet


Specifications WDH229

EAN 8713508786094
Cooling capacity (kW) 2.93
Heating capacity (kW) 2.35
Power consumption in cooling mode (kW) 1.12
Energy consumption in heating mode (kW) 0.745
Energy efficiency class cooling A
Energy efficiency class heating A
SEER 2.6
SCOP 3.1
For rooms up to (m³) 60-85
Dehumidifying Capacity (L/24h) 21.6
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