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  • LK2035
  • LK2035
EAN: 8713508780276

The Qlima LK 2035 provides cooling on hot days. How it works is child’s play. The large water reservoir is filled with water and the air cooler provides cooling in the form of ventilation and evaporation.

The Qlima LK 2035 has honeycomb cooling mats, which offer high operating efficiency combined with durability and low maintenance.

Unlike a fan, a Qlima air cooler can actually reduce the temperature in the room. However, due to the low power level, the cooling effect can not be compared to that of a mobile air conditioner. But if you are looking for an energy-efficient and cheaper way to cool a room, the Qlima air cooler LK 2035 is a good alternative. Moreover, you do not need to route a drain hose to an external vent.

Product sheet

Qlima_LK2035_Italian ('19) V1.pdf
Qlima_LK2035_ES ('19) V1.pdf
Qlima_LK2035_English ('20).pdf

Specifications LK2035

EAN 8713508780276
Air flow (nom.) 700 m³
Capacity water container 7 l
Number of fan speeds 3
Power 50 W
Sound power level 50 dB(A)
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