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EAN: 8713508786292

The Qlima FC156 is a practical ceiling fan with 5 fan blades and an integrated LED light.

Ventilation and lighting in 1: only one connection required for these 2 functions. The lighting function and ventilation function can be set independently of each other.

In summertime, the ceiling fan provides pleasant cooling. In wintertime, the fan can also be used in reverse to circulate the heat of the central heating system efficiently through the room.

The ceiling fan is equipped with a practical WiFi module, which makes it possible to operate it with a smartphone or tablet.

Product sheet

PS_FC 156_21_ENGLISH.pdf
PS_FC 156_21_ESPAÑOL.pdf
PS_FC 156_21_FRANÇAIS.pdf
PS_FC 156_21_ITALIANO.pdf

Specifications FC156

EAN 8713508786292
Air flow (m³/h) 9010
Fan blades 5
Light appearance (K) 4000 / 2700
Power consumption in cooling mode (kW) 70
For rooms up to (m³) 95
Sound pressure level (dB) 60
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