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EAN: 8713508766836

The A45 air purifier is equipped with a 3 layer filter package to clean the circulated room air. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter) filter, as known from clean room technology, captures allergens like bacteria, dust and pollen from the circulated air with an efficiency up to 99%. Pollen are well known as an important stimulus for hay-fever allergy. The active carbon filter removes unpleasant odours from the air and the washable pre filter captures large dust particles.

Product sheet

Qlima_A45_French ('18) V1.pdf

Specifications A45

EAN 8713508766836
Generated negative ions (cc) 3.000.000
Maximum air flow (m³/h) 176
Number of fan speeds 4
Power consumption (kW) 0.05
Sound pressure level max (dB(A)) 58
Sound pressure level min (dB(A)) 25
Suitable for room up to (m³) 60
Years of Guarantee 2
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