About Qlima

About QlimaThe quality of the air in your home greatly determines the quality of life for you and your family. Our senses as well as our mood are affected by the temperature, humidity, purity, smell, circulation, and oxygen content of the air that surrounds us. Qlima wants to help people improve the interior climate, to such an extent that they feel comfortable. We have listed 6 important reasons for choosing a solution by Qlima.

Expert in climate control

Qlima is the market leader in Europe where mobile heaters and mobile air conditioners are concerned. As a specialist, we offer you a complete range, and we are continually working on innovations in the areas of technology and design. This has enabled us to build up years and years of valuable knowledge and experience and we have built up an excellent reputation, a reputation that stands for sustainability and high-quality solutions. We make no concessions!

More than 35 years’ experience

For over 35 years Qlima has been dedicated to providing climate-control solutions around the home. In 1980 the founder of the company stumbled across the Zibro Kamin, a mobile heater for domestic use. Soon he became convinced of the enormous potential of this product. During the years that followed, the brand developed into a specialised complete supplier of products and services for improving the interior climate.

Over 20 million products sold

By consistently communicating our knowledge and advice, and continuing to invest in relevant innovations, Qlima has acquired a leading position in Europe. Today Qlima is sold in over twenty European countries, via approximately 15,000 dealers. We inform our dealers well, so that they will be able to provide their customers with excellent advice. As a result, over 20,000,000 products have found their way into the homes of satisfied consumers.

Extensive product testing

Qlima has its own Product Development Group. This department has specific knowledge about products and is continually looking for unique product advantages, attractive designs, and optimum service to the European market. Naturally, all developments comply with the latest regulations and safety standards. To ensure compliance of technical specifications, Qlima is monitored by external inspection bodies and major European testing authorities, including TÜV, KEMA, TNO, KIWA, LNE, CERTITA, and IMQ. Certificates such as CE, NF and GS are a mere matter of course to Qlima. Each one of our products has undergone the legally required tests. This is why we are able to provide a warranty of 2 years - in some cases even 4 years.

Professional customer service

Qlima, specialist in klimaatproducten

On this site you will find many FAQs answered by Qlima. Of course, your own professional Qlima customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may reach us by e-mail, fax or telephone. In addition, our dealers are provided with thorough information about the products, so they will be able to give you the answer to most questions as well.

Extensive documentation

Qlima provides clear information to consumers. A clear and attractive website presents extensive product and background information about the current range as well as climate control in general. In addition, you will find product and technical information about products sold in the past, such as manuals, which will remain available at all times.