• DD108
  • DD108
  • DD108
  • DD108
EAN: 8713508743400

Refrigerant free dehumidifier with a max. capacity of 8 liter / day.

Because of the desiccant technology, the dehumidifier shows superior performance at low ambient conditions. The included heater enables to retrieve even more moisture from the air.

The dehumidifier has no compressor and no refrigerant which means its environmental-friendly and no defrost function is needed.

Product sheet


Specifications DD108

EAN 8713508743400
Dehumidifying capacity (L/24hr) 8
Maximum air flow (m³/h) 150
Power consumption (de-)humidification mode (kW) 0.62
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 48 / 34
Suitable for spaces until (m³) 50-75
Water reservoir capacity (L) 3,50
Years of Guarantee 2
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